Zombie Apocalypse Diver

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The UK Government has been lying to you – the Zombie outbreak started 56 days ago, within 3 days the UK will be lost – another 41 days the human race will only be survived by 300 humans.

Although the UK government had no plans for a zombie outbreak, the same protocols deployed for the “mad cow disease” outbreak have been imposed. The Police and Armed Forces have been deployed to try and control the outbreak, but with a pandemic style of attack, 30 percent of the population infected, borders have now also been closed and quarantines in place.

The Zombie Apocalypse has happened and hoards of the walking dead are aimlessly moving about. Zombies are approaching fast and looking for their next meal: YOU

Searching for any means of escape you can find, it dawns on you….you have the most sought after SCUBA certification in the world, you are a certified Zombie Apocalypse Diver!

How will this story end?

That is up to you! Will you become another member of the zombie hoard or will you be able to survive the apocalypse alive and well?

98% of divers feel they are unprepared for a zombie apocalypse according to a recent survey we created and then falsified. To answer this incredibly high demand, a fun and challenging dive course was created to allow divers of all levels a chance to hone their skills for an impending apocalypse. If you’ve been diving for years, or are brand new then this course has something for you.

Each student will be given a copy of the Zombie Apocalypse Diver Student Manual and Survival Guide. Successful completion of the course will entitle each student to a Zombie Apocalypse Diver.

This class was designed with the diver in mind. You will learn:

1. Zombie Biology
2. Zombie History
3. Types of Zombies
4. Real Life Zombies
5. Survival Skills
6. Buoyancy Skills
7. Search and Recovery Skills
8. Rescue Skills
9. First Aid Skills

Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate suitable for framing and you get your PADI certification card which clearly states that you hold the rank of Zombie Apocalypse Diver!

Not that anyone will check your C-card after the world ends.

The course is a single day, and costs £90 including entry to Wraysbury Dive Centre, you will need to pay for diving gas,

Spaces are limited, please contact: training@rec2tecdiving.co.uk to book your space, and kit hire can be arranged