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Tec Gas Blender

The Tec Gas Blender course teaches you to blend enriched air nitrox and helium-blend gases using one or more blending methods. Being the blender is a key job at a busy PADI Dive Centre or Resort and your work allows other divers to do what they love to do – scuba dive. The PADI Enriched Air Diver course is the most popular diver speciality course and the number of technical divers is on the rise, which means that lots of scuba divers want enriched air and gas blends.

Tec Gas Blender


PSAI offers both Nitrox and Advanced Gas Blending certifications. These courses cover theory and practical application of nitrox blending and blending mixed gases, specifically trimix. While the complicated formulas necessary for gas blending are covered, this course features PSAI’s exclusive nitrox and trimix blend worksheets which eliminate the need to remember and execute the various formulas, thereby minimizing the possibility of calculation errors.


This course covers the techniques and protocols for determining the suitability of scuba cylinders for service. Also covered are the methods for cleaning and servicing the cylinder valve.


This course is designed for the scuba service technician who desires to be qualified to properly prepare scuba equipment for use with elevated oxygen mixtures and pure oxygen. This is not a repair course, but rather a course for manufacturer certified technician. The proper precautions and procedures are discussed and explained as are the materials necessary for oxygen preparation.

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