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PADI TecRec Courses

PADI TecRec courses are the quality benchmarks in the tec diving world due to their rigorous, yet logical, training sequence and the PADI educational materials that support them. TecRec courses are instructionally valid and have a seamless course flow that takes you from a new tec diver to one qualified to dive to the outer reaches of sport diving. Each level introduces you to new gear and procedures to extend your dive limits.

PSAI Tec Diving Courses

The Professional Scuba Association International is oldest technical / extended range scuba certification agencies in the world. PSAI was the first agency to offer certification at the diver and instructor levels in both recreational sport and technical diving, almost three decades before anyone else.

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Rec2Tec Diving
You can be - joining the silent world with a closed circuit rebreather course. Start the journey with a try dive ... See MoreSee Less
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Rec2Tec Diving
You can be - awesome weekend at Capenwray Dive Centre !Did you know you can get early access to our videos be liking and subscribing to our YouTube channel - youtube.com/channel/UCvguwOToldCROeri-s_3X6wExclusive to TikTok content at - tiktok.com/@rec2tecdiving ... See MoreSee Less
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