Test you knowledge of being a Divemaster with this quiz. Ten random questions related to being a Divemaster

What is the oceans major source of productivity and the base of the marine food chain?

The PADI Membership Commitment ____________, found in your PADI Instructor Manual, explains the professional and ethical behaviour expected of you as a PADI Member

If an object is neutrally buoyant in fresh water, what will happen to the object when it is placed in salt water?

What is the primary reason you have divers complete administrative paperwork when enrolling in a PADI course or program

One reason you may demonstrate a skill is to assist a student diver with a problem learning the skill

Who may want to take a PADI Skin Diver course

If a diver cannot read, or the Scuba Tune-up Guidebook is not available in a language the diver understands, the diver may not participate in Scuba Review

If an air mixture contains 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen at sea level, what will the partial pressure of nitrogen be if its taken to 20 metres in sea water?

An hour after surfacing from a deep dive, a diver complains of fatigue and numbness in one shoulder. This diver should seek medical attention because the diver may have:

A diver who takes a really long time to prepare personal equipment for a dive might be: