Regulator Servicing by Courier


Regulator servicing by courier, how does it work:

  1. Purchase the service
  2. Package up your regulator (one set* per package)
  3. A packaging label will be sent via email, which will need to be printed and attached to the package
  4. Your regulator will be collected from your chosen location by DPD – Free of charge
  5. Your regulator will be delivered to the Rec2Tec Diving Servicing Centre – you can track progress as your regulator is serviced and will get confirmation emails of progress

If you would like your regulator returned, then this will cost an additional £9.95 – if you want to wait until we can all go diving again, the completed regulators will be available for collection from the Rec2Tec Diving Shop. No charge will be made for the collection of your regulator. *A set can consist at a maximum of a first stage, primary, octopus and pressuredepth combination Please use the regulator servicing indicative pricing table below, for a guide as to the cost of regulator servicing. Type the name of the manufacture into the ‘search’ box, if this is a manufacture we service often you will be given guide prices. If you required manufacture is not listed, please search for ‘other’.

ApeksFirst Stage£34.50
ApeksFirst and Second Stage£59.50
ApeksFirst, Second and Octopus£84.50
ApeksOctopus or Second Stage£25.00
AqualungFirst Stage£42.50
AqualungFirst and Second Stage£66.50
AqualungFirst, Second and Octopus£90.50
AqualungOctopus or Second Stage£24.00
AtomicFirst Stage£47.00
AtomicFirst and Second Stage£79.50
AtomicFirst, Second and Octopus£112.00
AtomicOctopus or Second Stage£32.50
CressiFirst Stage£39.50
CressiFirst and Second Stage£68.00
CressiFirst, Second and Octopus£96.50
CressiOctopus or Second Stage£28.50
DacorFirst Stage£31.00
DacorFirst and Second Stage£55.50
DacorFirst, Second and Octopus£80.00
DacorOctopus or Second Stage£24.50
maresFirst Stage£31.00
maresFirst and Second Stage£55.50
maresFirst, Second and Octopus£80.00
maresOctopus or Second Stage£24.50
OceanicFirst Stage£44.00
OceanicFirst and Second Stage£80.50
OceanicFirst, Second and Octopus£117.00
OceanicOctopus or Second Stage£36.50
PoseidonFirst Stage£52.00
PoseidonFirst and Second Stage£80.00
PoseidonFirst, Second and Octopus£108.00
PoseidonOctopus or Second Stage£28.00
ScubaproFirst Stage£37.50
ScubaproFirst and Second Stage£68.06
ScubaproFirst, Second and Octopus£98.62
ScubaproOctopus or Second Stage£30.56
SherwoodFirst Stage£24.50
SherwoodFirst and Second Stage£63.00
SherwoodFirst, Second and Octopus£101.50
SherwoodOctopus or Second Stage£38.50
OtherFirst Stage£18.00 + Service Kit
OtherFirst and Second Stage£31.50 + Service Kits
OtherFirst, Second and Octopus£45.00 + Service Kits
OtherOctopus or Second Stage£13.50 + Service Kit

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