PSAI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures

The Professional Scuba Association International’s Advanced Nitrox Diver course is designed for those divers who wish to utilise enriched air (Nitrox) at oxygen concentrations up to and including 100% by volume (EAN22 to Oxygen) in their diving activities including stage decompression procedures. This course involves limited decompression with one gas switch to a maximum depth of 45 metres.

Course outline:

This course provides the necessary information for a PSAI Advanced Nitrox Diver to know the proper procedures to:

  • Determine the appropriate Nitrox gas for planned dives
  • Determine appropriate diving equipment for planned Nitrox dives
  • Plan dives based in established limits and cautions for Nitrox gases
  • Analyse and verify nitrox gases for diving


  • Minimum of 18 years old at the time of the course
  • PSAI Nitrox 40% qualification or equivalent
  • A minimum of 50 logged dives and at least 10 of them between 27 metres to 40 metres