Apr 23, 2020 | Open Circuit Diving, Technical Diving

Tec 40 Knowledge Review One

1. Define “recreational diving”, “technical diving”, and explain what is not technical diving.

Recreational Diving – no-stop diving to a depth no deeper than 40m – with relatively simple SCUBA equipment

Technical Diving – diving beyond that of recreational diving, with more complicated equipment, decompression profiles and environments.

Technical diving is not simply the exceeding of recreational diving limits.


Technical Diving

Tec diving is not for everyone, but it does attract experienced divers who want to go beyond their current limits and are willing to accept the added risks, training, investment and commitment it demands. If this is you, then PADI TecRec courses are your ticket to extreme adventure.

PADI TecRec courses have a seamless course flow that takes you from a new tec diver to one qualified to dive to the outer reaches of sport diving. Each level introduces you to new gear and procedures to extend your dive limits.

PADI Tec 40

PADI Tec 45

PADI Tec 50


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