Night Diving

Feb 16, 2021 | Recreational Diving, We Are. . .

Night diving is normally a weekly feature of the Rec2Tec Diving Community Dive calendar, be it the late night openings at Wraysbury Dive Centre and/or at Stoney Cove. But why do we enjoy a night diving so much, what is that appeals to us about night diving:

  1. Natural curiosity – a safe and controlled glimpse of the night time aquatic environment
  2. A chance to observe nocturnal aquatic animals seldom seen during the day
  3. A new look at dive sites – night diving creates a different perspective and offers new adventure
  4. A chance to view the “true” colours of an environment – at night you will be using your dive light at close range
  5. Extends diving opportunities – the after-work dive is possible

Many Rec2Tec Divers only need one or two of these reasons to encourage them to go for a night dive. Having completed the PADI Night Diver course and with the appropriate equipment – adventure and discovery await beneath the stars.

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