Eight Sunk Boats, Two Divers – One Map

Aug 15, 2019 | Career Development, We Are. . .

The Dive Master mapping project, is one of the more daunting tasks you will complete on your journey to becoming a PADI Dive Master.

The objective was set, map the wreck grave yard at Wraysbury Dive Centre, the team and plan agreed, the divers kitted up, BWRAF check completed – submergence into the deep. A short swim to the target area, in variable visibility – good buddy communication and navigation enabled the team to get to the wreck grave yard.

Having located ‘Spiller’ the team set about recording each wreck in turn, measuring the length, depth, position and relative position to the previous target. Constant communication and checking between the buddy pair – did not stop the line entanglement, but this was easily fixed – a reminder that the incident pit is never that far away. Careful dive gas monitoring, indicated that at 85 minutes into the dive, it was time to turn for home, a cup of tea and a review of the data collected.

The heading to the exit point was established and after 96 minutes the team surfaced, they had achieved a lot – not completed the map, but excited for the next dive!

Will you be joining the team, increase your skills, become a PADI Dive Master

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