How to tie a bolt snap to equipment

Dec 18, 2020 | Technical Diving, We Are. . .

Bolt snaps are used in a variety of ways with technical gear configurations, and attaching one to your scuba gear is something, you will need to do at some point. It could be that you just purchased a new regulator set that needs a bolt snap on the pressure gauge or you are replacing an old clip on a dive light – you need to know how to attach the new snap correctly.

When attaching a bolt snap to your scuba gear, you want to ensure the connection is strong enough to avoid accidental breakage, but should you require it, be something that you can cut or easily remove in an entanglement. Most divers choose to attach bolt snaps to their equipment using braided nylon line. It is readily available, cheap to replace, durable enough to withstand a great deal of abuse, and it can be easily cut if required.

Below is a six step guide of how to tie a bolt snap to your gear using nylon line.


  1. 30cms of braided nylon line – cave or reel line
  2. Bolt snap
  3. Item being attached
  4. Scissors
  5. Lighter

Step One

Wrap the nylon line around the hose and through the eye of the bolt snap three times.

Step Two

You need to tighten up the line to allow the desired distance between the bolt snap and the object.

Step Three

Tie an overhand knot so that it rests against the bolt snap. Pull the knot tightly to secure it and pass the two ends of the line backwards between the bolt snap and the hose.

Step Four

Now turn over so that you are looking at the other side. Tie an overhand knot tight enough to snug up the lines running between the bolt snap and the hose. Then, tie a second overhand knot, reverse of the previous one, to make a square knot. Pull the knot very tight.

Step Five

To complete the knot, trim each end of the line, leaving about 4mm free. Heat the ends of the excess line and use the bottom of the lighter to flatten or mushroom the top of heated ends. This helps to avoid the line getting pulled through the knot.

Step Six

Now that the knot is complete, examine and test it. Twist it, pull on it, and look for any signs of weakness. You do not want bolt snaps falling off of essential gear, so if it looks questionable, cut the knot and start over.

With the variety of uses for bolt snaps in the diving world, sooner or later you will need to attach one to a piece of your scuba gear. Following the six steps as above will help ensure a successful and long-lasting attachment of your bolt snap anywhere you need to put it!

It is important to remember to tie the bolt snap tightly to reduce the movement of the clip on whatever you are attaching it too. 

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